Olympic Peninsula Fishing: Winter Steelhead


Join us for your next Olympic Peninsula Fishing Trip!

Without a doubt Wild Winter Steelhead here on the coast is our most popular fishery. It's crazy that a little small town called Forks, Washington will host sport anglers from all over the world. 

I grew up Fly Fishing for steelhead here as a kid. I learned how to spey cast on the Hoh river, and every weekend after that I was determined to master it. I found that, you do not have to be the best caster in the world to find success swinging flies for Winter Steelhead, but you do have to be a consistent caster. I'd rather have guests cast 30ft over and over through a run than the guy who wants to throw 180ft snakeroll.

If the weather is just half way decent, swinging flies for winter steelhead here is amazing. Some days everything works out and others will really test you, and thats what keeps us coming back. I focus on fishing the rivers here in Forks, which include the entire quileute system (Bogachiel, Calawah Sol Duc) along with Hoh, and Queets rivers. Each river is so different from one another. From easy difficulty to expert, to put it simply. As your guide, I want to put you in the perfect place that ultimately suits your skillset perfectly to hopefully watch you hook and land Wild Winter Steelhead. 

Ultimately we want to go out there and have fun. It doesn't matter if you are new, old, expert, or whatever the case may be, give us a call and let's go steelhead fishing. Please remember to bring a rain jacket, because it's going to be raining almost always. 

Available dates for 2024 Winter Steelhead

December, January, February, and March

Give us a call or email Anadromyflyfishing@gmail.com

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