Winter Steelhead 

Season: December 1st - April 1st

It is no secret the Olympic Peninsula is most known for its iconic wild steelhead runs and home to arguably the biggest and baddest fish in the lower 48. Each new year brings new storms making these rivers run high while also bringing lots of change to them. This has to be one of the best parts about fishing here in the winter because every spot you decide to fish can be brand new to not only you, but them too. These fish love to eat swung flies and I love to be there to watch you try to land them. You might want to pack an extra rain jacket, you're coming to the rain forest.

Summer Steelhead

Season: June 1st - October 31st

The Olympic Peninsula is certainly most known for its winter run, but we do get the opportunity to catch both the wild and hatchery summer runs. These fish will come up and eat dry flies for the angler who can present it right, or the fly fished by a young kid who just wanted to tag a long with dad for the day. This time of year tends to have much more enjoyable weather and with there being fewer fish around compared to winter, it helps to bring your best skills because these fish can be tricky to catch during low water summer conditions. 

Daily Rates

1 Angler: $450

2 Anglers: $600

3 Anglers $700

*Pricing will vary depending on the season