Spring Chinook And Coastal Cutthroat


Olympic Peninsula Fishing

With Winter Steelhead Season coming to an end, I cant help but think about our spring activities. Spring time on the Olympic Peninsula is a very special time. The forests regain life, the weather warms up and the days just keep getting longer. The fishing is really good too.

The Sol Duc river opens May 1st- July 15th for hatchery Spring Chinook. This is a really fun, action packed fishery especially for the gear anglers. Float fishing, diver fishing and back bouncing, we do it all. Springers are some of the best tasting salmon around and I am happy to put in the hard work, so you can bring fresh fish for your friends and family.

However, salmon fishing isn't the only cool thing happening. There are some very aggressive trout that love to eat dry flies and streamers. They're called Coastal Cutthroat Trout and we start fishing for them starting in May and we go all summer long. As our coastal rivers transition into summer flows from Winter, this allows the trout to take full advantage to feed. They know they only have 5-6 months to do so before they miss their window for survival, which makes them not very picky when it comes to fly selection. This is a great fishery for beginners, and can be an amazing fishery for those who are solid with a 6wt single handed rod.

 If you'd like to get out this spring starting May 1st give me a call or email Anadromyflyfishing@gmail.com


Hope to see you soon!

Best, Terry